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If you are a business looking to engage and excite customers as well as expand your network of clients, JRM Comm can help you. As an award-winning strategic public relations and marketing consultancy, our services are tailored to meet what you need. Public relations and marketing is and never should be a cookie cutter. That is why we take the time to listen, strategize, and launch your ideas.

Call us at (716) 800-1576 or email so we can turn your ideas into success for your business.

Here are just some of the ways that JRM Comm can help you maximize your organization’s or business’ plans:


JRM Comm Crisis Training Seminar

Jason has trained extensively in crisis communication and management. He seen, first-hand, how the media, local and national, react to an individual, company, or brand in crisis. In today’s world, an understanding of the need for an immediate and appropriate response is essential.

This training session will equip your company or organization with the resources necessary to swiftly respond to crisis situations.

Crisis training sessions can be held right at a time that is convenient for you and your staff. Multiple client sessions are also available upon request.


Media Training Workshops

media-trainingToday’s media isn’t what it was five years ago. Radio, television, and print media have multiple ways to tell a story and companies must understand the landscape for the media world.

With extensive experience working in television and radio news, both local and national, Jason provides a unique perspective to prepare your management and communications teams for what the media wants, what questions they’ll ask, and how you can best respond. By properly preparing key stakeholders, you can effectively communicate your brand and message.

These workshops include mock television and radio interviews, along with critique of how your management team could appear on social and traditional media outlets.


Social Media Training Camp


Are you a business that is unsure of what social media can do for you? Do you get worried when a new social tool is being used by competition and you don’t understand it? Social media isn’t something to be feared because JRM Comm can properly educate you and your employees with our Social Media Training Camp.

This camp will teach you the basics for your company to start utilizing social media outlets immediately. In one half-day session, you will be equipped to start and maintain your own social media presence. We will show you just what these efforts can do for your company and how you can measure your efforts.

Sessions can be held right in your office at a time that is convenient for you and your staff. Multiple client sessions are also available upon request.

JRM Comm will consult with your current marketing and public relations team in order to determine the needs of your organization and will tailor the workshop strategically. Give us a day, and we can give you the tools to help you grow on social networks.

Social Media in Education Workshop for Students & Educators

social-media-training-educationNow more than ever, it is integral to understand what your name and image looks like online. Why? Because potential colleges and employers ARE paying attention. What you post as a teen could hinder your opportunities when you apply to a college and for a job. It’s important to be smart and consider how you want to be seen and represented online.

JRM Comm will show your students and faculty, in both high school and the collegiate level, the importance of being smart about your image on social networks.

In 45 minutes, we can educate each audience about what to do and not do, the importance of LinkedIn, and developing your personal brand.
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