What We Do

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That is what every business strives for. At JRM Comm, we make certain results are attainable for our clients, not out of reach. Whether it is a simple news release or an integrated marketing campaign, JRM Comm can deliver the necessary results to gain a strategic advantage in your marketplace.

Jason Mollica’s multifaceted approach to public relations and marketing has helped small businesses, tourism destinations, news organizations, and Fortune 500 companies understand the way today’s world works.

JRM Comm was born out of an idea that businesses need effective, honest guidance to guarantee dynamic results.

We want to help you reach the top by:

  • Developing effective strategies
  • Creating comprehensive crisis communications plans
  • Understanding the global marketplace
  • Launching social networks that build champions
  • Training the C-Suite to understand the media
  • Collaborating with your current PR team to make for a more efficient operation
  • Developing your voice on social networks and with the media

Let JRM Comm help you work more effectively and bring you the results you really need!