Be Inspired

“People who achieve great things that the world will never forget, start out by accomplishing small things that the world will never see.” -Tom Coughlin. Last week, I blogged about how it is tough, at times, to spark your creative juices. We aren’t always creative and we need to be honest with ourselves about that,Continue reading

Inspire Series: Having a goal puts you ahead of the game

by Carlotta Zorzi If there is something that I have learnt so far during my academic and work experiences is that having a specific goal makes it much easier for you to succeed in whatever you’re trying to do – rather than being ‘open to anything’. Given that this is a rule that should notContinue reading

Inspire Series: Being the Shaper of Change

Jas’ note: It’s a great honor to have my wife, Michelle Mollica, RN, MS, OCN, as my next guest in the Inspire Series. Michelle recently gave an address to nursing graduates of D’Youville College, which was called “inspirational” by a number of those in attendance. An edited version appears here. Firstly, I want to sayContinue reading

Inspire Series: 4 Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired

Jas’ note: I’m beyond thrilled to have Heather Whaling as the first poster in this Inspire Series. She’s one of the hardest working pros around and she has plenty to share, as you’ll see. When I launched my own company in 2009, I had no way of predicting where the journey would lead, but IContinue reading

New blog feature- The Inspire Series

Earlier this year on the blog, I did a five-part series detailing how to help your career. It received some terrific feedback from many of you. Today, I’m beginning another series that I hope is a little longer than five parts. It’s called the Inspire Series and we’ll feature folks that make an impact. TheseContinue reading